Naturally Scuba diving is a central sport in Quo Vadis Resort. The sea outside our doorstep has world class diving and the famous Pescador Island with a great variety of underwater scenery and fish species you rarely find elsewhere.
Most diving around Moalboal is drop-off diving. The sea is deep and the current in the center of Tanon Straight ensures a flow of fresh and nutritious water that makes the fish to flourish and lets divers enjoy what they see in very good visibility.
The Dive Center of Quo Vadis is located in the middle of the resort. We have 18 years experience of the diving around Moalboal waters and our staff has been working in our dive shop for more than 8 years. Like one of our diving guests said with a smile: “What they don’t know about diving is not worth knowing”


If you are not already a diver then this is a very good opportunity to become one.
A certification normally takes three days and it will be one of the best experiences of your life.

Why not start already today?
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